Please consider donating gift cards or certificates, retail items, libations, tickets to concerts, tickets to Michigan attractions or tickets to sporting events (especially VIP passes and suites). Donate a unique experience, lessons or special skill services. Donate airline tickets, timeshares or accommodations to a vacation getaway. Donate electronics, golf outings or a car lease! Cash donations always welcomed

Ladywood High School is a 501(C) 3 entity and all donations are tax deductible at the declared value.  TaxID # 38-1709340



*The deadline for receipt of donor forms is January 25, 2018 for inclusion in marketing materials.

*Auction items are suggested to be a minimum market value of $50.

*Please send donated items to the LHS office, or make arrangements for delivery/pick up of items to LHS.


Auction Donation Form 

Gift Basket Ideas