Student Story 5

      Choosing Ladywood has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. When I shadowed at Ladywood, I knew it was the place I wanted to go to high school. All of the students and staff were welcoming and kind. They made Ladywood the place I wanted to come to everyday. This still rings true for me today, further proving that LHS was the perfect choice for me. As a sophomore, Ladywood enables me to grow academically, athletically, personally, and spiritually every day.

      The teachers at Ladywood are encouraging and many are at school early and stay late because they care about making sure their students are learning at their highest potential. There are a variety of classes offered at Ladywood for all different interests. Accelerated, AP, dual enrollment, and online classes are available to challenge you. Block scheduling allows us to have four classes every day for an hour and a half each. I absolutely love it. Having only four classes a day spreads out your schedule and the long periods allow you to learn a lot of material and do lots of activities every day. Ladywood helps you prepare for college as well. The counselors are extremely nice and are always willing to talk with you.

      In regards to athletics, the sports I play at Ladywood are awesome. It is so easy to bond and connect with my teammates – they are super fun and I look forward to going to practices and competitions. The support and recognition for all the sports teams from both the staff and students is very uplifting.

      Ladywood has also helped me grow on a personal level as well. The school makes me feel like I belong to a community and that I can be myself. The girls are very nice and friendly. Everyone is smiley and happy and you can always find someone laughing somewhere. The energy at our school is over the top; Ladywood Blazers have an incredible amount of spirit and enthusiasm.

      Most importantly, faith is strongly valued at Ladywood. During my time here, I have truly grown in my faith and I have learned to love and serve God more immensely. We greatly focus on the Felician Core Values on which Ladywood was built and practice them both in and out of school. From in-depth Theology classes, grade level retreats, Reconciliation, weekly Eucharistic Adoration, prayer services, school masses, service projects, the mission trip, daily prayer, and more, Ladywood helps you grow in your relationship with Christ.

      Ladywood is an incredible high school and I am beyond happy that I decided to come here. The energy, compassion, happiness, family-oriented feeling, and faith all come together to make Ladywood High School an amazing place. I truly love the school I go to. The first time I stepped into Ladywood, I felt excited and ready to become a Blazer. Today, I still have that same proud feeling. Ladywood High School is one big family and I look forward to the next couple of years.