Student Story 3

      As a senior and finishing up high school, I am so glad I chose Ladywood. I wouldn't change a thing about anything I have experienced during my four years here. 

      First, the academics are excellent. I have felt that no matter what class I am taking, whether it is Physical Education or Physics, I am pushed to do my best. The teachers are willing to do whatever it takes to help me learn the material and maintain that information. They will stay hours after school just to make sure you understand what you are learning. I have learned skills such as note taking and time management that will help me in the next step of my academic career. 

      The athletics here are superior to other schools. My freshman year, I made varsity soccer. The girls on the team were extremely welcoming even though I was younger than all of them. Every year I look forward to playing high school soccer because it is such an amazing opportunity to be able to play a sport you love with the girls you go to school with. Some of our teams may be small, but I have formed bonds with my teammates that I know I would not experience at other schools. As Spirit club president, I also understand the importance of supporting every team. At Ladywood, we put on pep rally's incorporating the sports that are in season, attend the games in Ladywood apparel, and most importantly, bring a positive attitude to the school and sporting events. Through both the sports and the different clubs offered, you get to know and interact with the girls from different grade levels. It is not hard to find something to get involved in at Ladywood. Everyone will find something they like whether it is a sport, club, theater, art, or music. 

      Faith has always been an extremely important part of my life. I have grown up in a Catholic family and attended Catholic school all my life. My relationship with God has grown immensely throughout my time in high school. For example, here at Ladywood, we take religion classes, attend mass at least two times a month, and hold grade level retreats. One of my favorite things is walking with my classmates to the Presentation Chapel when the leaves are changing colors on the trees in the fall. I am also beyond thankful that Ladywood offers the Kairos retreat. I was fortunate enough to attend and then lead my classmates on the retreat this semester. Even though we cannot talk about what happens on it, everyone comes back with a positive attitude and a different perspective on certain things. Students from other Catholic schools that do no attend this retreat always say how they wish their school did. 

      When looking for a high school, I wanted a place with a positive family atmosphere. Ever since I shadowed at Ladywood my 8th grade year, I have felt welcomed at the school. Everyone is extremely friendly to the other people in the building. For the most part, the faculty and staff know everyone's name. When walking past someone in the hallway, everyone smiles and says hello. I can guarantee that all my teachers could tell you at least a few facts about each one of their students because they also care about us on a personal level. Ladywood is truly a family because when something happens to you, either good or bad, everyone will be there for you no matter what. 

      Another important reason I chose Ladywood was the block scheduling. Not many schools in the area offer this schedule. I am someone who does not procrastinate and gets my assignments done way before they are due and block scheduling allows me to do this. Having 8 blocks also allows you to pick and choose the classes you want to take. It has enabled me to take electives and other classes that I would not be able to take if I went to a school with 6 or 7 blocks. 

      I am proud to say I am a Ladywood Blazer. I have loved everything about my experience here and do not want it to end. I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to attend. I will never forget my experience and the friendships I have made here at Ladywood.