Student Story 2

      I am a freshman at Ladywood, so the school is still relatively new to me. At the beginning of the school year, I was a little afraid of the pressure that would come with being a high school student. These fears were quickly diminished, though, because the Ladywood staff and upperclassmen made the transition as smooth as possible. On the first day of school, the seniors took us to our classes and to the important places we would need throughout the school year. They also answered any questions we had about the school. 

      I was debating between two schools for high school. When I made the decision to come to Ladywood, I was still a little nervous I hadn't made the right decision. After just the first day of school, though, I was sure Ladywood was the best place for me. The atmosphere is very friendly and everybody seems very happy. 

      Another worry I had coming to Ladywood was the long class times. Now, however, I personally think they make the day go a lot faster. We are able to learn more in one class and we have more time to take tests and exams. The 85 minute class times are very helpful in preparing for college. Finally, we are able to have eight classes rather than seven, which gives us the opportunity to learn as much as we can. 

      At Ladywood, I am involved in Spanish club, Environmental club, the Student Ambassador program, Yellow Riboon club, and the basketball program. The school allows us to participate in a variety of activities while still doing well in school. I feel this is one of the many qualities that puts Ladywood above the other high schools in the area. 

      Ladywood is definitely the best choice for me and I cannot imagine going through these next four years anywhere else.