Shadow Request Form


  • Arrival is at 7:30 AM and dismissal is at 2:10 PM
    • Both occur at the main entrance of the school (The area with a flag pole, circular drive, and blue top, located off the main drive)
  • Visitor parking is located to the left of the main entrance.
  • At the doors to the main entrance, ring the doorbell on the right and wait for staff to press the buzzer to enter the building.
  • Please complete the form below. This information must be received at least one week in advance. 
  • Shadowing for the 2016-17 school year will begin on Monday, September 12, 2016 and will conclude on Wednesday, April 26, 2017. (Please note we are unable to accept shadow requests for the following dates:  10/19, 10/20, 10/21, 11/14, 11/23, 11/24, 11/25, 12/12-1/3/2017, 1/16/2017, 2/24/2017, and 4/14 - 4/21/17)



  • Please listen to school closings on the radio or TV.
  • Please wear casual dress clothes or your school uniform.
    • No jeans, yoga pants, or bare shoulders. Tennis shoes are permitted.
  • Hot lunch will be provided daily for all visitors. Students may bring a lunch from home if they prefer.
  • Please bring a book to read, as one of the classes may be having a test/quiz. 

 Yes, you have my permission to use my daughter's name and photograph.
 No, you do not have my permission to use my daughter's name and photograph.