Three W Chinese Exchange Student Program

3W_Exchange_Program.jpgLadywood established an International Program at the start of the 2012-2013 school year. The program brings high school students from China over to the Uniter States for their education. It enriches the lives of the Chinese students as well as the Ladywood students and our community. The expanding global economy and ever-increasing job opportunities require students to be more knowledgeable in international culture, practices, and products and to make connections to other disciplines. Our program is a reflection of this common goal.

Ladywood families and our Alumnae have a great opportunity to become a Host family, thereby, welcoming one of our Chinese sisters into their home to help her succeed, make friends, and truly become a part of our Ladywood community. Ladywood's core values of Compassion and Transformation truly shine when we open our hearts and minds to others. There will be a monthly stipend of $800 to each family who houses a student.

For additional information, please contact our International Coordinator, Laure Falzon, at, 734-591-1544, x 324

If you are a student, parent, or agent from the region of China and are interested in applying to Ladywood, please contact them by clicking here. Please click here to view our Chinese brouchure.